Introduction | Hong Phuc Shoes Company Limited- Kaido

Hong Phuc Shoes Limited Company - Kaido

“Kaido- Reputation-Quality” 

Hong Phuc Shoes Co., Ltd with brand name Kaido was established on 26th November, 2006. Having begun with a factory had poor material facilities, stas and employees fewer than 100 people, manufacturing capacity of 500 thousand pairs per year. After nine years of outstanding construction and development, today, the company has grown strong with the quantity of stas, more than one thou - sand people, spacious workshops, relatively modern machinery and equipment, production reached 3 million pairs per year. As a member of Vietnam’s Leather and Footwear Associ - ation, Hong Phuc Shoes gradually gets the reputation of a young and dynamic business with stable manufactur - ing capacity, conrms the quality brand of Kaido shoes to meet every customer’s requirements. To achieve such results, the company has undergone important timelines in development process. After nine years of construction and development, brand Kaido has become a strong brand, and Hong Phuc Shoes Co., Ltd is known as a large manufacturing enterprises foot - wear of Northern part as well as Vietnam as a whole. As the process of expanding production goes on, we establishes Representative oce in Hanoi and Branches in Ho Chi Minh City, gives Kaido Thongs more access to Southernmost area of the country. Moreover, products of the company have been exported to many places in the world such as: Asia, Africa, America or to the high-demanding markets such as Japan, European Union...


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